by BC App Designs, LLC


Mobile App to scan QR codes at participating museums, art galleries, zoos, aquariums, tours, conventions and exhibitions allowing pictures, videos, and text of exhibit items to be displayed to the user.

Using text-to-speech, the app can read out loud or in private using connected earphones or Bluetooth connected headphones and earpieces. Most museums and art galleries have a playback device you can rent, where you key in the exhibit number and listen to the prerecorded description of the exhibit item you are viewing. People with hearing problems often find they have a difficult time hearing these type of devices and often don’t have written literature to accommodate those with hearing problems. Exhibit-Guide provides both the written text allowing those people with hearing problems to enjoy and learn about the exhibit items. The text-to-speech feature allows people with vision problems to listen to the written text describing the exhibit item.

The app also includes a mapping feature, which can be used in two different ways, showing the position of the user within the exhibit and by using the map to provide additional detail about the exhibit item. The mapping feature can use the traditional 2-d style map or a street view (3-d) style to give the user an eye level view. Imagine standing in front of one of Monet’s paintings of the “Water Lilies” and pressing the map button for that item and being taken to the exact spot in Monet’s Garden where he created that beautiful work of art, and seeing what it currently looks like in a 3-d view with the ability to walk around areas of the garden.


Video Demo: