Flappy Turtle: Aquarium Adventure


Sheldon was rescued after a big storm landed him on the beach with an injured flipper.  He has been rehabilitating at a secret Aquarium in an undisclosed location!

In order for Sheldon to rejoin his turtle friends in the sea, he must pass the Aquarium’s obstacle test.  Help Sheldon go as far as he can by tapping the screen to have him swim while avoiding the sea plants and jellyfish.

Beware, his doctors and trainers have adjusted some things in the Aquarium to really test Sheldon’s ability as he scores higher and higher!

Don’t forget to “Share” your results with friends on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

You can even message or email your results to friends if you don’t have access to social media.

Good Luck and Go Sheldon!!


  • Tap to swim avoiding sea plants and jellyfish

  • High resolution graphics

  • Parallaxing background

  • Large buttons and simple controls

  • Share score and high score with friends using social media, email and messaging

  • Continuous game play to reach highest score










Check out the game play video: