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The app allows you to search government jobs in the US by keyword and/or location in the form of "city, state".  
Note: A small target button to the left of the location field can be used to look up your location via GPS and autocomplete the location field for you.  
When the find button is pressed a table listing of available job postings, matching the search criteria, is returned and sorted by posting date.  Each posting contains the Position Title, Government Organization, Location(s) of the Job, Salary Range, Start and End Dates for the job posting.
When a job posting is selected from the listing table, a web view with detailed information about the position is presented providing the ability to apply for the position.  
We launched the app on Feb 29, 2016 and saw a steady growth day over day the first week.  After the fist week we started seeing reviews coming in about how some of the users were excited to find an app with a simple, clean interface that returned several job postings and just seemed to work.  One customer said he/she had already received a call to come in for an interview.  Here are some of the review comments we are seeing:



Thanks to all the users who have given it a try! Please leave us feedback in the review section of the AppStore for this app.  If you have a suggestion for additional enhancements or have a question, please visit our support site to ask a question and receive answers from our staff.

We have been asked several times if there is an Android version of this app available?  We do plan on having an Android version available in the near future on the Google App Store.
We hope you enjoy "Gov Jobs Search In USA" and it helps you in your job search!
Thank You,
BC App Designs, LLC
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